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Each audio addresses how understanding incomplete lower brain development specifically helps teachers.



Our Brain Highways families repeatedly express one wish.

brain highways training program for teacher developementBoth parents and kids often say that they wish classroom teachers would understand how incomplete lower brain development affects learning, focus, coordination, and social interactions. 

That’s because our participants know that anyone can learn to “build into the structure.” That’s a phrase we use in our Family Program to underscore how it’s truly possible to help those with incomplete lower brain development cooperate and learn once we understand what’s going on in their brain. 




Building into the structure makes a big difference in the classroom. 

After we understand a child’s lower brain profile, we’re now able to confidently anticipate what will likely happen in certain situations. So rather than bemoan and say, “See, I knew Sam would (fill in the blank),” we now pre-empt that by doing something specific to circumvent that (predictable) lower brain response from ever happening. And we do this in such a subtle way that no one usually even has a clue that we did something different. As a result, everyone now has the opportunity to experience joyful learning.




The Just for Teachers section is part of the Training Program.

As with other professionals interested in this course, teachers also enroll in the actual Training Program. However, included within this course, there’s a special section that presents how the Training Program’s curriculum can be specifically applied in the classroom.

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