Step back and allow a unique group of teachers to get your child excited to learn 300 rich, vocabulary words.

So, just who are these teachers? Well, they’re Nancy Green, the creator of Brain Highways Vocabulary: All in a Wordnancy teaching (who is also a credentialed teacher and the founder of Brain Highways) and a group of kids who’ve already participated in this vocabulary program.

Together, Nancy and the kids come right into your home via entertaining videos and audio clips to introduce fun, novel vocabulary activities. These lessons not only encourage movement and creativity, but they’re also in sync with how the brain learns naturally.

improving vocabularyAnd . . . if you’ve recently found yourself juggling being a human, a parent, your child's homeschool teacher, and more, this program may even give you back a chance to drink your coffee while it's still hot—yet knowing that your child is in good hands and learning with joy.




Great readers and writers have always had an impressive vocabulary.
Follow these simple steps to learn about Brain Highways Vocabulary: All in a Word.

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Step 2. Read why kids have a blast learning vocabulary in ways they never imagined.

While All in a Word was created for everyone, kids who struggle with writing (and school, in general) happily discover that this program differs greatly from their prior learning experiences.

For example, kids with ADHD love how All in a Word lessons include lots of movement and make it easy to stay focused. Kids known to “shut down” when faced with difficult challenges appreciate how All in a Word lessons don’t trigger fight, flight, or freeze responses. Kids who tend to be more creative than literal learners welcome the program’s many opportunities to share their imagination. And kids with sensory processing problems are grateful that information is shared through many sensory channels—which then increases their probability of registering whatever is coming in.

learning vocabularyBut best of all, kids discover that their new vocabulary now makes it easier to comprehend whatever they read and offers them a myriad of words to choose from when creating original work.

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