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Follow these simple steps to learn about Brain Highways Spelling.
Step 1. Learn about the Brain Highways Spelling Program.

Beginning with a section called, “Convincing,” the kids learn compelling reasons why they would even bother to learn to spell. Next, kids discover the five spelling “lies” that they’ve likely been told, followed by a section called, “The Truth.” Altogether, these sections present kids with a new view of spelling before they even start an activity.

At the start of each section, there is also a short introduction (again, written to kids) that explains why they’d be doing those activities. For example, the kids discover why they’d want to do vestibular and proprioceptive movements while learning.

Step 2. Click on eack link to preview a page from the Brain Highways Spelling Program.

The Lies

Octopus: A Ten-Second Spelling Story

Before and After

Bulls-Eye Record Sheet

Alarming Sentences


Step 3. Watch three, short clips of Brain Highways Spelling activities.

Since each of these clips were originally posted on our Instagram stories, they were filmed spontaneously (rather than trying to make a formal video). But since these short clips quickly convey how fun and easy Brain Highways Spelling can be, we have also included those original clips on this page.

Dancin' Spelling

Have your child spin and clap as he calls out each letter of a word posted on a wall. When your child has spelled the entire word, challenge him to wrap up the dance with his very own move.


To the Beat

Have your child use her hands to drum on the table, creating a beat as she says aloud each letter of the word.


Jack and Jill Relays

Have your child quickly carry and place a bucket of water to place under each letter of the same spelling word (posted in two different places outside) within a set time frame.