Free, Online Community Session with Nancy Green, the Creator of Brain Highways Global


During the first part of this interactive session, Nancy presents a different view of why adults and kids may struggle with academics, focus, behavior, anxiety, coordination, and more.

In the second part, participants have an opportunity to share their concerns about their child or themselves. Here, Nancy correlates how those behaviors and concerns often relate to incomplete lower brain and being stuck in protection mode—two areas that most people haven’t yet considered when trying to move forward. Best of all, Nancy explains how those variables are not etched in stone and how anyone can learn to facilitate incredible, lasting changes in their own brain and child’s brain--right in their very own home.

Nancy will also answer any questions that participants may have about the online family program and online adult program.

Please note that we do not record our community sessions, so participants do need to attend to benefit from the information presented.

To make a reservation for this session, please contact After receiving your email, we'll send you the login information.

*Before you attend the online community session, we encourage you to watch the short videos at the top of our home page and learn more about our online family program or online adult program.