Listen to short audios with lots of information. 

Each audio addresses special needs children and brain organization.



We’re strictly an educational program.

That’s why we’d never challenge any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. However, we do believe change is possible if some or many or all of a child’s behaviors are caused by retained primitive reflexes, underdeveloped lower centers of the brain, and poor sensory processing.

Of course, brain organization is not about trying to create a “perfect” child, nor do we believe one mold fits all. In fact, we firmly believe that all children have incredible gifts to offer—even if they never build another highway in their life. Yet, we also know that many kids are struggling unnecessarily.




Many diagnoses are based solely on observation of behavior.

When we look under a microscope, we can see that cancer cells look very different than healthy cells. In other words, doctors don’t diagnose cancer by just observing someone’s behavior.

Yet, observation of behavior is often the only criteria for many other medical diagnoses. So, it’s important to note that we may also see these very same behaviors when someone has not finished their lower brain development.

That’s why the links below the line on this page’s menu specifically explain how many diagnoses can also be explained by incomplete lower brain development. With such information, we then may be encouraged to explore alternatives for ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other diagnoses.




In this video, we feature seven kids with a diagnosis of autism.

In the first part of “Same Story, Different Ending,” parents recall their lives before their children participated in the Brain Highways program. In the second part, we see each child doing something that was previously deemed impossible. 

Of course, we could have featured any of the thousands of kids we’ve worked—whether they had a different diagnosis or were just struggling with reading and writing or something else when we first met them. That’s because there truly is a different ending once the brain is working as intended.




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