The program creators are also the presenters of the course.

Nancy Sokol Green

Along with co-creating the Brain Highways Global baby courses, Nancy is the creator of the Brain Highways Global family, adult, and training programs. She is also the executive director of each of those programs.

In addition to those experiences, Nancy is the author of Curious and Creative (Addison-Wesley), written for classroom teachers, and Raising Curious Kids (Crown Publisher), written for parents.

Nancy has also authored programs that used a natural approach for developing language. As an invited speaker at educational conferences and as an educational consultant to many school districts, Nancy taught other professionals how to use this approach. She has now integrated that same proven method into the Your Baby's Brain course. That way, parents can also learn how to expedite their child’s language—but in a way that’s natural and joyful.

Nancy continues to be invited to share her knowledge in front of diverse audiences, whether it’s doing a Tedx talk at the University of California or educating 200 professionals who work with young at-risk children at a recent conference sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Kiley Paige Wheel

In addition to co-creating the Brain Highways Babies program, Kiley has been directing the international online family and adult programs for nearly a decade. But it was only after Kiley became a new mom did the idea for Brain Highways baby courses begin to surface.

During her son's first year of life, Kiley regularly relied on her educational background in physiology and her extensive experience with the Brain Highways programs. Those combined areas of expertise made it easier for her to navigate the stress of becoming a new mom, while ensuring her son's brain was wired in ways that would serve him well for the rest of his life.

 And then, Kiley’s friends started asking for help with their babies. These new parents were both surprised and thrilled to discover that Kiley's simple guidance had such an immediate positive effect. So, their eagerness for this kind of support, along with Kiley's years of experience of helping families "go back" to organize their brain, became the driving force for creating Brain Highways Babies.