Two, short online courses with information most new and expecting parents do not know:

Your Baby’s Brain: Easy Ways to Ensure a Great Future course includes these sections: Tummy Time, Creeping, Crawling, What Gets in the Way, Natural Play, Language and Learning. 

baby sleeping peacefully

Why is this course unique? Each section makes it possible for parents to facilitate their baby’s lower brain development—which is key since that development is directly linked to a person’s focus, communication skills, academics, sports, and more later in life. Click here to see previews and learn more.

Calm Parents, Happy Babies: Reducing Prenatal and First-Year Stress course includes these sections: Meet Your Nervous System, Avoiding Protection Mode, Calming Techniques for Parents, Calming Techniques for Babies. 

Why is this course unique? Parents discover simple ways to stay calm and grounded, how to soothe their baby, and why those creative approaches work. Click here to see previews and learn more.

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