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Each audio addresses a link between mental and physical health problems and incomplete lower brain development.

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First and foremost, Brain Highways is solely an educational program.

We’re focused on teaching people about the brain and how to organize it so that it works as intended.

Yet, from the very beginning, our participants have shared that many of their mental and physical health problems—including those that had persisted for decades—often improved or disappeared altogether as a “byproduct” of a well-organized brain. We also know that many symptoms of today’s diagnoses are the very same as those that we’d expect when someone has retained primitive reflexes and incomplete lower brain development.

So with that in mind, it also seems warranted to explore whether some people’s present mental and physical health conditions might improve—or even go away—if their brain starts to work as intended. Both the links on the side menu and the blogs below address such possible correlations for specific conditions and diagnoses.


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About Depression

Depression affects more than 21 million Americans annually, yet most do not know incomplete lower brain development can actually result in physiological changes in the brain that, in turn, cause depression.  Read the post

The Baskins-Robbins Approach to Diagnosing Kids and Adults

More than 46% of the U.S. population will meet the criteria for a mental health condition. Yet, many of those symptoms mimic the very same symptoms of incomplete lower brain development. Read the post

Why Saying "Pay Attention" Makes No Sense

Retained primitive reflexes, incomplete pons and midbrain development, poor body awareness, a sluggish vestibular system, and inefficient eye teaming all directly affect our ability to pay attention. Such perspective differs greatly from, for example, thinking ADHD causes inattentiveness. Read the post