What You Need to Know

1. While the course officially starts on January 22nd, we send a welcome email on January 19th. You also begin what's called a materials trial run on January 20th. This quick process ensures that everyone has no problems listening to audio clips, viewing videos, uploading videos, and downloading handouts. That way, everyone is ready-to-go when we first send our course materials on January 22nd.

2. The adult course costs $695.

3. Once you start this online enrollment process, you’ll be asked to:

  • Create an account
  • Agree to the terms appearing in the class commitment and waiver
  • Submit your payment ($695) 

4. Upon completing your enrollment, you’ll receive an automated confirmation email. Please note that you won’t hear from us again until you receive our welcome email right before the course officially begins.

To reserve a spot in the upcoming adult course, click here to complete that process.