Nancy Green Director of BH

Nancy Green

Founder, Executive Director of Brain Highways Global




Nancy oversees all Brain Highways Global programs and is directly involved in the family courses.

Nancy’s many rich, varied experiences as an educator helped her create Brain Highways Global. Some of those experiences include a classroom teacher of students with diverse needs; an author of programs for major educational publishers; a consultant to school districts in California, New York, and Texas; a presenter at national education conferences; and a guest lecturer at San Diego State University, San Jose State University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Since creating Brain Highways Global, Nancy has continued to educate others, only now, her focus is on how the brain can change. Such experiences include being the keynote speaker at the San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics conference and a TEDx presenter at the University of San Diego.




Kiley Green Director of BH Denver

Kiley Wheel

Director of Brain Highways Global Program

Kiley Wheel has degrees in physiology and psychology. She is also the daughter of the founder of Brain Highways Global, and so she has been involved with the program in numerous ways since it first began.

As director of the Brain Highways Global programs, Kiley works closely with staff who oversee our social media platforms and support our online classes. She is also often the lead facilitator of our family and adult programs.





Program Administrators and Course Assistants

Our program administrators and course assistants provide key “behind-the-scenes” support for all our programs. They are the ones who send the course materials, provide technical support, and do the class recordkeeping. That allows the lead class facilitator to focus on individualizing and offering support, as needed, for the course participants.