Listen to short audios on neuroplasticity and Brain Highways.

Learn the basics about Brain Highways Global.

Brain Highways Global is a fun, educational program based on neuroplasticity. 

autistic child enjoying brain highways

While that’s quite a long word, it just means the brain has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. 

So, could neuroplasticity help someone with a diagnosis such as ADHD, autism, OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, and dyslexia? Or, what about the person who just wants to improve his reading comprehension, organization skills, and sports performance?  In other words, can anyone change his or her brain? 

The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, once the brain is functioning as intended, sometimes even miraculous-seeming changes happen.


While the brain can change, it needs some guidance to do so.

That’s why we created Brain Highways Global. We wanted to make it easy for adults and kids to learn about their brain and how to ensure it’s working in the most efficient way. We also wanted to teach people how it’s possible to create a positive, energized brain and how to restore their nervous system’s flexibility.

And yes, in the process of doing all that, our participants also experience, first-hand—the brain can truly change.




Back when I was one of the first public school teachers trained to do Brain Highways, my students always loved participating in the activities. I’m not surprised that it has become an international program that helps so many families.

Lori Varga